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The Spread of COVID-19

Is Based on Two (2) Factors


       1- How Dense is the Population

       2-How Dense is the Population

The party that promotes fear is the party to fear

  • You may have received an Absentee Ballot Request Form in the mail recently.  This was provided by the Center for Voter Information  which is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization. The Macon County Board of Elections confirmed that this form is acceptable. 

  • If you receive an Absentee Ballot Request Form from the Macon County Democratic Party in your mail and you have already completed the form, there is no need to duplicate your efforts.  Please give this extra form to another Democratic supporter.

  • Remember, if you wish to check that your request form has been received and accepted, call the Board of Elections (828 349-2034) one week after mailing. 

  • Ballots will be mailed out beginning September 4.  If you have not received your ballot by the end of September, you should call the Board of Elections (828 349-2034). 

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Anthony Fauci: "You don't make the timeline,

the virus makes the timeline"

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