Grand Opening -Grand Success

County Chairman Logan Wallace  opened the festivities. Fantastic time at the Grand Opening today! It was Standing Room Only again! Great talks from Aaron Martin (House 120), Bobby Kuppers (Senate 50), and Terry Van Duyn (Senate 49). A Team Price member gave a “State of the Campaign” update.

State Senator Terry van Duyn filled us in on the latest evil doings in Raleigh. She made it clear that we must Give our Governor veto power by electing Bobby Kuppers and  other like minded State Senators.

A Team Price representative gave us a positive report on the campaign. Beating Mark Meadows depends on one thing, GET OUT THE VOTE. There is a very active Macon County organization working for “Price for Congress” , sign on to help.

  Aron Martin made it perfectly clear that he will be a force to be reckoned  with once he replaces Kevin Corbin in House District 120.

Todd Raby Emphasized his record as Register of Deeds.  He needs our support to continue his excellent management of that important office.  Vote for Todd Raby , Register of Deeds.

Chairman Logan Wallace introduce Bobby Kuppers who spoke on behalf or Ronnie Beale, candidate for county commissioner. Ronnie’s tireless work for the residents of Macon county and his influence on the State and Federal levels make him an invaluable asset for Macon County. As Bobby said, Ronnie  needs your help to keep Macon County moving into the future and not back to the past.

Coach Kuppers treated us to an old fashion half time locker room pep talk.  Commitment, Commitment, Commitment , we all must commit to this fight. We must all do our part right up to election day, only then will we see the change we all want. Vote Bobby Kuppers for NC. State Senate.

John Gladden  announced the new schedule for headquarters and asked for volunteers to help with the hard work needed to win in November.  It is all about ” GET OUT THE VOTE” , we need to be COMMITTED to do the work necessary to win.  We need your help. contact HQ at 828 -412- o603 or stop by HQ just behind the Smart Pharmacy on Palmer St Circle.

Many thank to the hard working women of the Macon County Democratic Women’s Club. As usual they did an excellent job with the food and decoration for this very successful event.