Election Results District 11 Convention & Message from Kathy Sinclair


Kathy Sinclair was elected District Chair at the May 20th District convention for more information on Kathy and her  vision for the future of District 11 check out her flyer. Her message to all the delegates follows.


Also elected at the convention :

Brian Burgess as 1vice Chair

Canyon Woodward as 2nd Vice Chair

Lorenzo Pedro as 3rd Vice Chair

Check out their qualifications below.


Hello District 11 Delegates, Thank you for your confidence and support by electing me the new Chair of the North Carolina Congressional District 11 Democratic Party.  I’m truly honored and promise to work diligently to live up to my promise to “expect more”.  I’m excited to be working with an experienced, young, and energetic team who are already at work serving our District. I also want to thank the outgoing officers for their work and dedication to the 11th District Democratic Party.  They leave big shoes to fill and their work is deeply appreciated.

Please remember, this is a team effort and you’re an integral part of this team.  Our success is dependent on all of us, so please join us by volunteering your time and energy doing what you like to do best. Let us know if you would like to fundraise, canvass, phone bank, organize precincts, recruit volunteers, manage data, or you tell us!  Your voice and concerns will be our beacon and a constant reminder that we were elected to serve you and the 11th District.

We can be reached at our new email address nc11democrats@gmail.com.  You can expect to see our new website soon. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Democratically Yours, Kathy Sinclair, Chair – kvsinclair4610@gmail.com , 828-242-5807

Brian Burgess, 1st VC (Strategic Planning, Monthly Meetings) – burgesbd@gmail.com , 704-473-7247

Canyon Woodward, 2nd VC (Training) – canyonwoodward@gmail.com , 828-342-5999

Lorenzo Pedro, 3rd VC (Communications) – lorenzopedrophoto@gmail.com , 828-390-9413