Party Officials


Mailing Address: PO Box 1801    Franklin, NC    28744

Physical Address:

Phone number:     

Executive Committee for the Democratic Party

Chair  Gary St. Arnauld

First Vice Chair  Nancy Scott

Second Vice Chair  Louis Vitale

Third Vice Chair  Susannah Kuppers

Secretary  Anne Hyder

Treasurer  Cindy Solesbee


Burningtown Chair  Karen Duncan

Cartoogechaye Chair   Dan Tinsley 

Cowee Chair  Peggy Kuppers 

East Franklin Chair   Joe Collins

Ellijay Chair   Marge Abel

Highlands Chair   Robert Smith

Iotla Chair   Gary St Arnauld

Millshoal Chair  Bill Crawford

North Franklin Chair  Anna Jane Carson

South Franklin  Chair  Nancy Scott          

Smithbridge Chair   Peggy Salay

Sugarfork Chair – see Ellijay

Union Chair     Karen Smith

Flats   Inactive

Sugarfork    Inactive

Democratic Women’s Club President

Sharon Ramsey

Democratic Men’s Club President

Gary St Arnauld                             

Elected Officials
Ronnie Beale – Macon Co. Commissioner or

Todd Raby – Register of Deeds

Vic Perry – Clerk Of Court