2019 Democratic Convention

March 23 2019 Macon county Democratic Convention

Delegates , Democrats and visitors attended a very successful County convention last Saturday. Nearly a one hundred were treated a rousing speech by Terry Van Duyn , candidate for Lt.Governor and a very powerful address by outgoing acting Chair John Gladden. The party officers for the coming election cycle were elected by acclimation to the rousing applause by all in attendance.

Here are a few pictures of the event , Be sure to read John Gladdens address in a following post , and check out the 4 Resolutions passed at the convention.

Terry Van Duyn
John Gladden
Karen Smith speaking for Resolution

Aspirational Politics
Karen Duncan speaking for Resolution

Ratification of the ERA amendment
Larry Stenger speaking for Resolution

Increased Broadband Access
John Gladden spoke for Resolution Unaffiliated voters

Our new Chair Gary St Arnauld spoke on behalf of the Men’s Club

Not to be out done Sharon Ramsey spoke on behalf of the very active Democratic Women’s Club.
Our New party officers

Susanna Kuppers , Gary St. Arnauld, Ann Hyder, Cindy Solesbee, Nancy Scott, Louis Vitale
Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this the success it was , and good luck to all of us in upcoming election cycle.